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The fate of our 2020 season

Teams, Players, Staff, and Fans,

We were looking forward to a fun Summer in 2020. However, COVID-19 and its current epidemic have changed the landscape of what the sunny months will look like for WASA. At this time, the WASA Board has no option but to cancel the 2020 season in its entirety. This saddens us deeply for our members and families. Unfortunately, we do not have a choice…

The Marathon County Parks Department, by the guidance of the Health and City Departments, has decided to close all county parks until at least August 1st, 2020. I have included below some of the statement that was just issued:

“On May 14th Marathon County COVID-19 Order #1 was posted. Order #1 recommends the implementation of the strategies and practices provided in the WEDC Reopening Guidelines, the CDC, and the DHS. Although athletics is not specifically called out in either of the three guidance documents, the recommendations pertaining to group size limitations and social distancing are the same.

On Friday, May 15th I met with the County Health Department Director, County Administrator, County Corporation Counsel and County Sheriff to discuss all areas of operations that our department oversees. I have also met with Mayor Rosenberg. After a great deal of discussion, the direction was given that at this time all sports fields will be closed until further notice to organized sports where physical contact cannot be avoided… The virus at this time is still a concern in Marathon County and the Health Department does not feel that the risk associated with contact sports has lessened. For the protection of our facility users, the City and County will be following the recommendations and guidelines per the direction of the Marathon County Health Department as expected of any business.

I know many of you are looking at practices and games possibly starting later this summer or even this fall however until we receive confirmation that social distancing is no longer needed or guidelines have changed we cannot guarantee field usage. If direction from the Health Department changes by July 15 we will be able to make the fields available for use beginning August 1st.
Jamie Polley
Parks, Recreation & Forestry Director”

Important Notes:

* All team and player fees that were paid for the 2020 season will be refunded accordingly. The transaction fees charged by TeamSnap Tournament may not be refundable. These refunds will take place in the next 3 weeks.

* All team credits will transfer to 2021 for winning teams from 2019. We want you to play again, but we will not be able to do that until next year.

* We have WASA Members that are looking to plan fun nights for individuals or your full team to play on a private field. These nights would be separate from WASA play and not be sponsored by our association, but sound like a lot of fun. A player draft night or theme nights could be possible as well. WASA would like to host at least one Tournament in August 2020, currently we are looking at August 14-15th, 2020.

* Please remember that this is not Wausau Area Softball Association’s decision. We would choose to play if we were able. As your WASA Board, we will continue to meet together as we want to keep the softball association headed in the right direction. We will continue to look for possibilities for this Summer and future years. This is a great opportunity in some ways. But, we will miss softball!!!

* Stay in touch with your teams, we will be back stronger and ready to play in 2021. If you have any ideas for WASA for this Summer or next, please contact myself or one of our Board Members. We exist to serve you and would be glad to listen.

Keep an eye on Facebook and the website for future updates. We wish you all continued health and safety this Summer.

Paul Dykstra
WASA President

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