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2020 Season Update

Softball Managers and Teams,

Our hope is that all players and teams are staying safe and healthy! Currently, we have not canceled the season for this Summer and would not do so until at least June 15th. We plan to have a season this Summer. COVID-19 has really put a damper on the beginning of Summer, but your health and safety are certainly more important. I know we all have different views on what should and should not be happening, however, we must respect the wishes of our leadership and government for not meeting together at this time. Softball is coming, we are just not sure when…

* The following two meetings have been postponed for now, and we will reschedule at a later date as needed:
1. Manager’s Meetings – 4/19/2020 at 6:00pm at Wausau Alliance Church.

2. ROSTER Day, (Player Fees & Rosters DUE) – 5/3/2020 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at ABC Rental Management offices 2801 N. 7th Street, Wausau 54403.

* We have re-opened registration that ended yesterday April 12th, and it will be open until at least May 10th, 2020. Please continue to sign your teams up at this time, even if you do not want to pay until later. The cost will be $150 per team moving forward. Each team must have a Coach and Assistant Coach at registration with he necessary information. You can choose to pay with a Debit/Credit Card, or Pay with a Check Later and send it to the proper address.

Once the Team Registration is complete after at least May 10th, players will be able to sign up shortly after on all of their teams (we will let you know once this begins). The player fee for all Slow Pitch leagues is $45 again this year. Modified Pitch will be more expensive, at $55. We will encourage all players to be signed up on their teams by around early to mid-June.

Register your team with the TeamSnap Tournament APP on your phone or computer with the link below:

If you are unable to register online please contact myself or one of the WASA Board Members soon. If you have any questions, please contact myself in reply to this email.

* The WASA Board is pursuing many options for our 2020 season. Even if we start in July, a full or modified season could take palce and the costs would be adjusted accordingly. We have spoken about tournament later in the Summer, or Draft Nights that players can come and pay to play for the evening. Again, we do want to play softball this season, so please get your teams signed up. Have a great week and we will keep you updated over the next month!

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