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2018 Playoffs are set!

Update #3: Thursday playoffs (2nd night) have been posted.

Update #2: Tuesday and Sunday playoffs (2nd night) have been adjusted to allow for teams with a loss in their first playoff game to play the 2nd week.

Update: Sunday playoffs first night schedule has been posted below.

The playoffs have been set for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday leagues! For Wednesday and Sunday leagues, check back here for updates!

For teams with the same record, here is how the tiebreaker works to determine the seeding:

1) Runs allowed
2) Runs scored

Here is the schedule for the first night of playoffs for each night:

Monday Night Playoffs (Aug 6 + 13)

DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
M-2#8 Free Agents#9 Wausau Alliance Church16:30
M-1#3 Team Jean#6 Christensen Machinery17:30
M-2#2 Everest ChiropracticW 7-1018:30
M-2#3 Mt. Olive Brimstone#6 Mid-City Precision/United Structures19:30
M-1#4 Highland Community Church Red#5 Peak Waxing26:30
M-1#2 Loppnow's Bar#7 Grebe's27:30
M-2#1 Big BrownW 8-928:30
M-2#7 Mt. Olive Thunder#10 Mt. Olive Fire36:30
M-2#4 Lucky's Eastside Pub#5 Highland Community Church Blue37:30
M-1#1 BoneSquad#8 Immanuel Baptist Church38:30
DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
M-1L 1-8 (Immanuel Baptist Church)L 4-5 (Highland Community Church)16:30
M-1W 1-8 (BoneSquad)W 4-5 (Peak Waxing)17:30
M-1L 2-7 (Grebe's)L 3-6 (Christensen Machinery)18:30
M-2L 7-10 (Mt. Olive Thunder)L 1-8/9 (Wausau Alliance Church)26:30
M-2W 1-8/9 (Big Brown)W 4-5 (Lucky's Eastside Pub)27:30
M-2L 8-9 (Free Agents)L 2-7/10 (Mt. Olive Fire)28:30
Championship (D2)
M-2W 1-8-9/4-5W 2-7-10/3-629:30
M-1W 2-7 (Loppnow's)W 3-6 (Team Jean)36:30
M-2W 2-7/10 (Everest Chiropractic)W 3-6 (Mid-City Precision/United Structures)37:30
M-2L 4-5 (Highland Community Church Blue)L 3-6 (Mt. Olive Brimstone)38:30
Championship (D1)
M-1W 1-8/4-5W 2-7/3-639:30

Tuesday Night Playoffs (Aug 7 + 14)

DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
WSP#1 Wausau Awards (BYE)3
WSP#2 Jacks (BYE)3
WSP#3 Pro Players#6 BCC Trucking36:30
WSP#4 Grebe's#5 Rib Mt. Glass37:30
DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
WSPL 3-6 (BCC Trucking)L 4-5 (Rib Mt Glass)36:30
WSP1 Seed (Wausau Awards)Lowest Seed (Grebe's)37:30
WSP2 Seed ( Jacks)2nd Lowest Seed (Pro Players)38:30
WSPWinner of 7:30 GameWinner of 8:30 Game39:30

Thursday Night Playoffs (Aug 9 + 16)

DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
TH-1#1 Crystal Finishing / Burk's (BYE)****
TH-1#2 Campus Pub (BYE)****
TH-1#3 Modern Builders#6 Disciples / Waraksa Excavating36:30
TH-1#4 Rib Mt. Taphouse / Polito's Pizza#5 Burk's Fireside Tap38:30
TH-2#1 Loading Zone (BYE)****
TH-2#2 Phoster Creative Force#5 Exit Realty26:30
TH-2#3 Envision Eyecare#4 Peak Waxing28:30
COED#1 ABC Rental Mgmt. (BYE)****
COED#2 Philly's (BYE)****
COED#3 Aqua Finance#6 Midas37:30
COED#4 Wind Break Sporting#5 Lawnmasters of Central WI27:30
DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
COEDLoser of Week 11 - Field 2 (Wind Break Sporting)Loser of Week 11 - Field 3 (Aqua Finance)16:30
COED1 Seed (ABC Rental Mgmt.)Winner of Week 11 - Field 2 (Lawnmasters of Central WI)17:30
COED2 Seed (Philly's)Winner of Week 11 - Field 3 (Midas)18:30
COED Championship
COEDWinner of 7:30Winner of 8:3019:30
TH-2Loser of Week 11 - 6:30 (Exit Realty)Loser of Week 11 - 8:30 (Peak Waxing)26:30
TH-2Winner of Week 11 - 6:30 (Phoster Creative Force)Winner of Week 11 - 8:30 (Envision Eyecare)27:30
TH-2 Championship
TH-21 Seed (Loading Zone)Winner of 7:3028:30
TH-1Loser of Week 11 - 6:30 (Disciples / Waraksa Excavating)Loser of Week 11 - 8:30 (Burk's Fireside Tap)36:30
TH-11 Seed (Crystal Finishing / Burk's)Winner of Week 11 - 8:30 (Rib Mt. Taphouse / Polito's Pizza)37:30
TH-12 Seed ( Jacks)Winner of Week 11 - 6:30 (Modern Builders)38:30
TH-1 Championship
TH-1Winner of 7:30Winner of 8:3039:30

Sunday Night Playoffs (Aug 12 + 19)

DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
S-1#1 Foundation for Hope in Africa (BYE)#2 Johnny Cee Cards (BYE)BYEBYE
S-1#3 Peak Waxing#6 Jamars26:30
S-1#4 Michael's Supper Club#5 Good Ol Boys27:30
S-2#1 St Marks (BYE)
S-2#3 L&S Electric#6 Good Shepherd Lutheran36:30
S-2#2 Falcon Valley#7 The Village Church37:30
S-2#4 K&S Fuel Injection#5 Burk's Fireside Tap38:30
DivisionTeam 1Team 2FieldTime
S-1L - 3/6 (Peak Waxing)L - 4/5 (Michael's Supper Club)15:30
S-2L - Middle Seed (Good Shepherd)L - Lowest Seed (The Village Church)16:30
S-2Winner of 6:30 (Middle vs. Lowest Seed)L - Best Seed (Burk's Fireside Tap)17:30
S-1#1 Seed (Foundation for Hope in Africa)Lowest Seed (Jamars)26:30
S-1#2 Seed (Johnny Cee Cards)2nd Lowest Seed (Good Ol Boys)27:30
S-1 Championship
S-1Winner of 6:30Winner of 7:3028:30
S-2#1 Seed (St Marks)Winner of Week 11 - 8:30 (K&S Fuel Injection)36:30
S-2Winner of Week 11 - 6:30 (L&S Electric)Winer of Week 11 - 7:30 (Falcon Valley)37:30
S-2 Championship
S-2Winner of 6:30Winner of 7:3038:30
Please let me know if you have any questions!

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