2014 Tuesday Rain Makeups (Updated 8/5)

Below is a list of the current scheduled rain makeups for the Tuesday leagues. (Updated 8/5)

August 5th
Trinity vs St Johns
Field 2 | 6:15pm

Grebes vs Burks Fireside Tap
Field 2 | 7:15pm

Trophy Bar vs Wausau Awards
Field 2 | 8:15pm

Rib Mt Glass vs Janis Law Firm
Field 2 | 9:15pm

August 19th
Rib Mt. Glass vs Grebes
Field 2 | 6:15pm

Trophy Bar vs St. John
Field 3 | 6:15pm

Janis Law Firm vs Burks Fireside
Field 2 | 7:15pm

Trinity vs Wausau Awards
Field 3 | 7:15pm

Trophy Bar vs Trinity
Field 2 | 8:15pm

Rib Mt. Glass vs Burk’s Fireside Tap
Field 3 | 8:15pm

Wausau Awards vs St. Johns
Field 2 | 9:15pm

Grebe’s vs Janis Law Firm
Field 3 | 9:15pm


  1. Reply
    Eugene A Baker says

    8/4 is a Monday night and there are games scheduled for the mens 12 women can not play at the same time.

    • Reply
      Brian Pensinger says

      Good catch Eugene. It should be August 5. Thanks for the heads up!

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