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2014 Sunday Rain Makeups (Updated 8/8)

Below is a list of the current scheduled rain makeups for the Sunday leagues. (Updated 8/8)

July 20th
Lucky’s Eastside Pub vs. Timbers

Field 1 | 4:00pm

July 27th
Johnny Cee Cards vs. Foundation for Hope in Africa

Field 1 | 4:00pm

Town & Country vs. Wausau Scrap & Recycling
Field 1 | 9:00pm

Crystal Finishing vs. Falcon Valley Farm
Field 2 | 4:00pm

MOG vs. Murphy 42 Time All-Stars
Field 2 | 9:00pm

LT Club vs. Burks
Field 3 | 4:15pm

Cabaret vs. M&M Bassnut Lures
Field 3 | 9:15pm

August 10th
Cabaret vs. Good Shepherd
Field 1 | 2:00pm

K&S Fuel Injection vs. LT Club
Field 1 | 3:00pm

K&S Fuel Injection vs. St. Mark’s Lutheran
Field 1 | 4:00pm

Pelican Lake Campground vs. Christ Lutheran Church
Field 1 | 9:00pm

Balls Deep Bombers vs. Good Shepherd
Field 2 | 4:00pm

Town & Country Realty vs. Chico’s Bail Bonds
Field 2 | 9:00pm

MOG vs. Falcon Valley Farms
Field 3 | 2:15pm

Lucky’s Eastside Pub vs. Pelican Lake Campground
Field 3 | 3:15pm

Bud Light vs. Chico Bail Bonds
Field 3 | 4:15pm

Meverden Chiropractic vs. Good ol Boys
Field 3 | 9:15pm

Meverden Chiropractic vs. Johnny Cee Cards
Field 3 | 10:15pm

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