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2014 Monday Rain Makeups (Updated 8/19)

Below is a list of the current scheduled rain makeups for the Monday leagues. (Updated 8/19)

August 20th (Note: This is a Wednesday)

Grace Maine vs St. Paul’s
Field 4 | 6:15pm

St. Paul’s vs Grace Maine
Field 4 | 7:45pm

August 24th (Note: This is a Sunday)

M-1Lumpy'svsHighland Community Red16:15
M-1Hermening FinancialvsJulies Family Day Care17:15
M-1Innovations ConstructionvsNew Hope Community Church18:15
M-1Innovations ConstructionvsHighland Community Red19:15
M-2Highland Community BluevsGrebe's 26:30
M-2Callon Street PubvsChristensen Mach. & Supply27:30
M-2HomesteadvsWausau Alliance Church28:30
M-3Good News Kings KnightsvsWipfli LLP29:30
M-3Good News Kings KnightsvsMt. Olive Brimstone36:15
M-3Wipfli LLPvsJenny's Boys37:15
M-3Jenny's BoysvsMt. Olive Fire38:15
M-3Everest ChiropracticvsMt. Olive Fire39:15


August 25th

M-3Mt Olive FirevsGood News Kings Knights16:15
M-3Mt Olive BrimstonevsEverest Chiropractic17:15
M-3Busch LightvsWipfli LLP18:15
M-3Everest ChiropracticvsBusch Light19:15
M-3Jenny's BoysvsLucky's26:30
M-1Lumpy'svsHighland Community Red27:30
M-1Julie's Family Day CarevsHermening Financial28:30
M-2Christensen Mach. & SupplyvsCallon Street Pub36:15
M-2Highland Community BluevsGrebe's37:15
M-2HomesteadvsWausau Alliance Church38:15
M-1Innovations ConstructionvsNew Hope Community Church39:15
CHFPNew HopevsTrinity46:15
CHFPTrinityvsNew Hope47:45

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